HM Courts and Tribunals Service reform survey - evaluation of digitised services

What is this?

This survey aims to capture the experiences and perceptions of legal professionals using MyHMCTS.

This research is being conducted by IFF Research on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS).

Who is being asked to take part?

This survey will be sent to those who are currently registered to use MyHMCTS.

Why should users of MyHMCTS respond?

The views of legal representatives are of central importance to understanding how MyHMCTS is working.

By sharing their experiences, legal professionals can help MOJ and HMCTS to better understand how the service is working, and what areas require improvement. Completing the survey will not impact on past, present or future interactions with HMCTS or the MOJ.

How will users of MyHMCTS answer the survey?

Legal professionals registered with MyHMCTS are being invited to take part in the survey via a link in an email from IFF Research.

The survey will only take about 15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers. If there are any questions they do not wish to answer or feel unable to answer then they will be able to select “don’t know” or “prefer not to say.” The responses they give will be confidential. They will not be used in any way that will enable them to be identified.

For more information you can contact the team at IFF Research on or 0207 250 3035. If you would like to check that the research is genuine, please email the MOJ at .